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Why should I register at twago?

How do I register and who reviews my application?

How soon will I be informed about my application’s result?

Project Applications

How do I make my application a success?

What conditions must my rate meet?

What is business liability insurance? Do I need it to work on projects?

For our EU members. What is a VAT ID number? Do I need it?

How will I be informed about (the status of) my application?

I have a question. Who/where can I ask it?

What do I do when a recruitment agency/headhunter contacts me for an assignment which is also listed on twago?

Do I need to come to a separate agreement for commuting costs and travel expenses, if applicable or do I have to include them in my hourly or fixed rate?

Is the offered rate also the final rate?

Can I charge a higher rate than the rate stated in the project posting?

Can I withdraw an application?


What kind of projects can I find on this platform?

How is the project arranged?

How (and when) will I be paid?

What impact does the DBA law have if I work through a hiring desk/ broker appointed by the companies?

Profile & Talent Pools

Why should I create or fill out a profile before I can apply?

How will I be informed about new projects?

How can I edit my profile?

Why sign up for talent pools?

Can I sign up for multiple talent pools?

I received a new assignment alert. Why can't I find the projects on your platform?

How can I remove my profile?


Can I contact twago or the target company directly about a project?

I am experiencing a technical problem on your platform. How do I contact you?

I have a question. To whom/where can I address it?