Creative Freelance Photography Project Liverpool

Posted Mar 16, 2023
Project ID: TWAGP00001
End date: Apr 10, 2023
20 hrs/week
Payrate range

Find your next freelance adventure inspiring people to discover new travel experiences. Capture the essence of a destination, highlight the wow factor of a hotel. Use your photography skills to bring Liverpool to life. 

Your freelancing journey here will be free from delays and disruptions. We give you stress-free processes, prompt payment and self-billing invoicing. Leaving you free to do what you love.

opportunity overview

An experienced photographer, you can work independently to coordinate all aspects of the assignment. You must also be based in Liverpool - does not compensate for travel. has a specific visual style that reflects our brand. It is authentic, open, friendly, and helpful. We stick to a warm color pallet and natural light, capture moments, and set realistic expectations.

When shooting for, the most important thing is to capture the district you are photographing from a human perspective. We strive to show our travellers the viewpoint they will experience at a particular location.

We endeavour to set realistic expectations for our travellers instead of presenting them with overly polished or contrived moments they are unlikely to encounter.

the project

Creating a visually compelling story showcasing the best places to see, eat, drink and even dance in Liverpool. Following a similar format to the existing visual 48 hour series.

Similar content can be found here:  48 hours in Berlin, Germany | | |

skills and experience

Experience taking high-quality, realistic and engaging destination and property photographs. Over six months’ experience working as a photographer (hotel, cruise ship, event, studio, architectural or interior photography). You will also need:

  • Understanding of the photography production process

  • Extensive knowledge of retouching and digital photography 

  • Ability to apply feedback


  • Compensation for each assignment is based on photographic content and defined at the start of each project

  • Prompt payment and self-billing invoicing 

  • Potential long-term cooperation

  • Detailed feedback on the quality of your work

application process

Please provide us with a portfolio that includes at least one of the following: destination photo, travel photo and/or accommodation/room photo. The portfolio will be used to assess your photographic capabilities. 

You need to provide proof of self-employment and/or all required tax documentation - priority will be given to candidates who are available immediately and can provide proof of self-employment and/or tax documentation within 48 hours. (We strongly advise that you acquaint yourself with the freelance tax law requirements for the European Union.)

Please note that does not provide photographic equipment.

apply now

Please submit your application in English. If you are currently employed by, you are not eligible to work as a Freelance Photographer at the same time.